Two Jewish Music Superstars Joined Together for This Stunning Tribute

by Leah Rosenberg

This is one of those Jewish music tributes that will bring you to tears. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and extremely powerful.

Inspiring Jewish Music

This type of Jewish music has the power to change your life. There is meaning behind this stunning song. Music is more than just words and a tune. Music can be prayer.

Rabbi Zechariah Wallerstein, may his memory be a blessing, is probably most well known for founding Ohr Naava, an organization that has inspired, to say the least, countless girls and women of all ages. Rabbi Wallerstein knew how important Jewish women are as the mothers of the Jewish people. He did more than just found that organization. He changed the world for the better, and anyone who has heard one of his Torah lectures or stories knows that. When he passed away at the young age of 64, a big, gaping hole was left in the world.

This song is a tribute to this great rabbi and all that he did for the Jewish people. It is Jewish music at its finest. The words are deep. And if you listen carefully, it’s impossible to not be inspired.

Shulem Lemmer and Abie Rotenberg are two Jewish music giants, each in different ways. Together, their voices bring more holiness into the world. What a beautiful tribute to Rabbi Wallerstein and all that he stood for. If only we could all take this song to heart and remember it throughout our times of struggle as well as our times of happiness.

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