These Two Amazing Autistic Young Men Have Accomplished So Much

by Avi Abelow

What these two men have accomplished is absolutely fascinating!

About the Project

While “typical” 20-something-year-olds are engaged in moving out of their parent’s homes, entering University, working a part-time job and hanging out with friends, there are two autistic adults who just don’t have that privilege.


Throughout their lives, Yedidiya and Aharon have been in and out of not-so-successful programs for children/ young adults with autism. Overall, seeing little progress, and their sons still maintaining the behavior and functionality of toddlers, their parents needed to find another way.


“Bnei Haim” organization was founded by Aharon’s father. Abraham, having over 20 years of experience was brought on to work with Yedidiya and Aharon. To make a long story short, Abraham has been super successful. So much so, that Yedidiya and Aharon have been significantly integrated into society and have acquired woodworking skills as well. They create beautiful flower boxes which are sold in the local mall. Within their very small and very modest “center” is a room designated as their woodworking shop. Unfortunately, the room is sorely lacking – it has no dust extraction system, no ventilation, no heating, no air conditioning, shelving units, spray room, etc. The good news is that we can help.


Yedidiya and Aharon have already illustrated to us that they are dedicated workers who have a passion for creating beautiful things out of wood. They are entrepreneurial and sell their goods locally. They have a great counselor and a supportive community. We, in turn, have decided to invest in them, to help them acquire a better, safer and more efficient working environment. Our plan includes paying for proper floor installation, shelving units, air conditioning, heating, dust collection system, the addition of a spray room and more. The results will significantly increase the time and efficiency of Yedidiya and Aharon’s ability to work comfortably in any season of the year. This, in turn, will increase their production and sales. resulting in more income for them and for the organization. Due to their autism, Yedidiya and Aharon will most likely never be fully independent and integrated into society. But with our help, they can strive to be the best Yedidiya and Aharon that they can be. And from the looks on their faces watching them build and create, that is when they feel their best. Join us in investing in two amazing people.

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