Twitter defends blocking Trump’s Political tweets but not Iranian Leader’s Genocide Tweets

by Avi Abelow

Twitter defends blocking Trump tweets but not Iran’s Ayatollah Khameini. This was today’s front page lead item in the New York Post thanks to the work of my friend Arsen Ostrovsky, a human rights lawyer, who asked the Twitter representative a question at a Knesset hearing the other day. 

Watch and be shocked with your own eyes and ears…

As Arsen expressed himself: “WOW, just wow! 

Did you notice how the Twitter rep totally ignored responding to the fact that they allow Iran’s leader to tweet about genocide? Not a word. Zip. 

Israel’s Park isn’t member is correct to call out the Twitter rep for a policy of double standards.

As someone who has been affected by big tech censorship for years, before anyone was talking about it, I can attest to the ideological bias I personally experienced in all the major social media platforms. 

Will it change? I don’t know? But it is important that we raise our voices and call it out when we see it!

This hearing, with Arsen’s simple, yet brilliant, question highlights the outrageous and unacceptable double standard at Twitter. 

Thank you Arsen! 

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