TV host exposes himself publicly as a racist antisemite

by Phil Schneider

Everyone makes mistakes. But the prevalence of anti-semitism in so many groups today across the Western world is shocking to some. But it shouldn’t be. It is nothing new. It just took a little break for a few decades following the Holocaust.

Stu does a great job of picking apart Mr. Cannon’s racist garbage. These kinds of people actually are not just bonkers. They unfortunately reflect a lot of what people like Minister Louis Farrakhan believe in. Let’s say it loud and clear – black anti-semitism is rampant in America, and the Black Lives Matter movement is filled with anti-semitism and racism.

There is a horrible double standard in America today where racism against non-black people is now accepted as reasonable, but racism against black people is treated as a capital offense. The United States is probably the best country in the world today as far as liberal values, civil rights, and status of minorities. True, it was not always like that. The Civil War was indeed fought over the slavery issue, and without leadership from people like Martin Luther King, black people in America would undoubtedly not be where they are today. But, not only was Barack Obama elected President, Colin Powell was the Joint Chief of Staff of the US Army. And there will be others after him. The United States is indeed the land of the free and the brave. Today, the freedom that exists in the United States is under attack. We must not let racists – black or white – get in the way of freedom.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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