Turkey has declared war on U.S. even if President Trump doesn’t know it yet

by Michael Sax

The security situation in Syria is long, confusing and involved. What are the sides? And who are they fighting for?

Who’s fighting in Syria

This security analyst has some interesting things to say.  First of all, he presents the opinion of the Russian foreign minister. The minister says that the US intends to stay in Syria for a long time. Furthermore, US forces there and Kurdish forces are allies. It seems like Kurdish forces are aligned with Christians in certain parts. So it makes sense that the US forces are allied with them. However, there are other groups in Syria. Such as Shi’a Muslims and Sunni Muslims. Iran is closely linked with Shi’a Muslims. Turkey is linked with Sunni Muslims. Consequently, the battles being fought in Syria, in many ways, represent other countries’ interests.

Iran and Shi’a

First some facts – the Hezbollah terrorist group are Shi’a Muslims. Iran is close allies with the Syrian Arab Republic. Iran supports the Syrian government. Consequently, they  provided logistical, technical support. They also trained troops.

Turkey and Sunni

Turkey has provided arms to Syrian opposition. In 2015, Turkey shot down a Russian warplane. They said it allegedly violated its airspace. In 2017, the Turkish-back Free Syrian Army cleared the Islamic state from northern Syria. Sources accused Turkey of fighting against Kurdish forces in Syria.

In the war, countless innocent civilians have been killed. Yet many foreign countries are involved. They provided troops and weapons. More innocent people died. Iran and Turkey are using Syria as their battle ground. As a result, the folks there pay the price. All too often, with their lives. There have been a number of peace initiatives but the fighting continues.


International groups have accused the Syrian government, the Islamic State, and rebel groups of severe human rights violations and many massacres. Most noteworthy is that widespread use of chemical weapons. Such as the sarin gas atack in 2013 killing hundreds of people. Yet sadly, the mass killings continue. Rather than work towards peace, they kill civilians horrifically. The civilians suffer. Since they pay the price with their lives. Iran and Turkey need to get out, and settle their dispute somewhere else – away from civilians. Iran, stop meddling in other countries! Stop supporting terror! Iran and Turkey – do the opposite – strive for peace! And in addition, get rid of any WMDs! Maybe then the civilians will live. We hope for peace. Hopefully, world leaders will step up. Maybe then Iran will stop. And pull out of other countries. Iran’s meddlesome ways need to end. They’ve done far too much damage.

Arab Incitement
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