Trump Relishes in Ilhan Omar’s Investigation

by Phil Schneider

Ilhan Omar is a new phenomenon in Congress. But she is a phenomenon that will grow and grow. Representatives that view the United States as the enemy of the world and not as a great country will become the norm. Why? Because immigration to the United States has allowed entire districts to become filled with people who vote for people like Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar was democratically elected into Congress. AOC was elected into Congress. Not only will they probably get reelected, but more and more people will probably get voted in with similar views. That is what unbridled immigration leads to. So what kind of border policy should the United States have? This is not a simple question at all. “Build the wall” is tough talk, and may also be a great policy to help solve the problem. But, one way or another, the issue of millions of immigrants coming into the United States needs to be dealt with. A wall will not change everything, even if it will help.

It would seem that the key to any change on immigration policy ought to be based on making sure that the open-door policy to anyone but people with first-level relatives should be very strict. But more than that, once a person is allowed into the United States of America, there should be some form of assimilation process built in so that people learn English and become upstanding citizens of the United States of America. Otherwise, we’ll have more and more Ilhan Omars in Congress.

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