Three IDF Soldiers Killed On The Egyptian Border

by Micha Gefen

Three IDF soldiers were killed on the Egyptian border in two separate but connected security incidents.

A rogue Egyptian policeman was able to infiltrate into Israel and kill Sgt. Lia Ben Nun and Staff Sgt. Ori Yitzhak Iluz and the kill Staff Sgt. Ohad Dahan later in a shoot out which eventually killed the terrorist.

Prime Minister Netanyahu vowed to undertake a thorough investigation.

“The incident on the border was severe and out of the ordinary and will be investigated to the end,” he said in remarks opening the weekly cabinet meeting. “Israel sent a clear message to the Egyptian government: We expect the joint investigation to be exhaustive and thorough.”

“This is part of the important security cooperation between us, which has existed to the benefit of both countries for years,” he added.

The Egyptian border is usually quiet with most of the issues connected to smuggling.

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