This Song Perfectly Captures What Judaism is All About

by Leah Rosenberg

People often miss the beauty of being part of G-d’s chosen people. This song really encapsulates what is so special about Judaism.

The Beauty of Judaism

If a Jew is taught about Judaism properly, he will feel how special and unique it is to be part of the Jewish people. Being Jewish might not be easy. But as the lyrics in this song stunningly say, “Being a servant’s not a burden when you’re working for the King.”

And it’s not only that a Jew “works” for the King of the world, but the King of the world, G-d, loves him. Even when we feel so far from G-d, He loves us. He wants us to be close to him.

This song is not only perfect for the High Holidays season, but it is perfect for all year round. We sometimes struggle to do all of G-d’s Mitzvot, His commandments. It’s hard. But if we remember that G-d loves us and wants us to succeed, if we can get ourselves in the proper mindset, things become easier and more meaningful. And especially during the High Holidays season when it’s a specific time to repent and show G-d that we want to improve, we must keep in mind that we are servants working for the One and Only King of the world. And that King is our father. G-d is not some distant king who doesn’t care for his servants. Quite the opposite. If we truly internalize that message, we will be in awe of how special and unique our relationship with G-d is.

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