This man just read their thoughts on live TV, and it’s MIND BLOWING!

by Leah Rosenberg

The power of a mentalist is absolutely amazing. In this clip, watch as this talented Israeli literally brings down the house. Yes, there is logic to it, but it is really beyond reasonable that one man can control the minds of so many people. What it really shows is just how fascinating and complex the human mind truly is.

The psychological powers of these kinds of people is rather freaky… But, so too is the deep understanding of so many psychologists, ad executives, and others who delve into the human mind for whatever goal they are aiming to accomplish.

I once heard somebody explain that the goal of Coca Cola advertising is to be so subtle that one doesn’t even realize a Coca-Cola ad is in their sights. They are aiming for the deep sub-conscious and not the conscious awareness via their ad campaigns.

This concept is somewhat freaky. Freud may have been the first to unlock and codify in some way the science of the subconsciousness of the human mind. But, the ideas that he uncovered were certainly not foreign to many religions. To a large extent, the goal of many religions is to bring the subconscious minds of people into harmony with the Will of God. The Jewish method is through commandments – or actions that allow us to act like God. This mentalist and other geniuses like him know how to tap into people’s minds. But the great spiritual leaders know how to guide and raise up people’s minds too.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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