THIS is why Miss Iraq cares about peace

by Leah Rosenberg

Sarah Idan, otherwise known as Miss Iraq, recently received the UN Watch Ambassador for Peace Award. And for good reason!

UN Watch Ambassador for Peace

The UN Watch Ambassador for Peace Award could not have been given to someone more suitable. Miss Iraq has shown the world that she is willing to put her own life at risk to promote peace. She has received death threats. She cannot go back to her home in Iraq. And yet she still has continuously spoken out in support of Israel and against terrorism. It is not easy in the world we live in to speak out for peace and for Israel. It is not easy to be an ARAB speaking out for peace and for Israel. Sarah Idan has chosen the path of peace, despite the difficulty and despite the fact that a different path may have been easier. She gives us hope for a better and more peaceful future!

Why Does She Care About Peace?

Miss Iraq knows what it is like to grow up in a world without peace. She does not want people to grow up in a world like she did. She wants to make a difference. Idan is most definitely making a difference. Not only is she showing the Arab world that Jews and Arabs ARE capable of coexistence, but she is showing the Jewish world that there are Arabs who actually WANT to coexist.

She is a brave, courageous women, and she is very worthy of her award!

Motivation for Terror
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