This IDF Unit is Fighting One of Israel’s Most Important Wars

by Leah Rosenberg

Take a look at an IDF unit you might not have known existed. They are doing something incredible to protect Israel’s borders.

The IDF Unit Called Bardelas Battalion

Every IDF unit is unique. This unit seems to be a bit more under the radar. Some people might not even know it exists. But it is an extremely important unit. They stop so many bad things from coming into Israel and harming Israelis. These soldiers are charged with an important task.

Without the Bardelas Battalion, we cannot even imagine how many drugs and weapons would end up in the hands of terrorists and criminals.

Every single Israeli soldier deserves to be recognized and thanked. Whether they are on the front lines of a war, combatting smugglers at the border, patrolling neighborhoods, manning checkpoints, working from behind the scenes in intelligence, or anything else, they are all giving to their people and country. Not everyone can do the same job nor should they. Every job needs to be done.

It is definitely interesting to learn about various units in the IDF and what they do. On a daily basis, Israelis don’t always think about all the different IDF units fighting for them. They might not think about the Bardelas Battalion. But Israelis are being protected without even realizing. What is fascinating is that Egypt and Jordan are consider “peaceful” borders. But those borders still need to be protected.

The Bardelas Battalion is constantly working to defend the people of Israel. The war they are fighting is extremely important.

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