This 3 Minute Video Destroys Israel’s Anti-Reform Protesters

by Leah Rosenberg

The anti-reform protesters have crossed every red line. They have lied to the world and set Israel on fire. Everyone needs to see this video.

Israel’s Anti-Reform Protesters Aren’t Telling You the Truth

The anti-reform protesters who have been trying to bring down Israel are lying to you. They are lying about the current government, and they are lying about the government’s plans. The Israeli government has no intention to destroy democracy. Actually, quite the opposite. After watching this short and clear video, do you see the problem with Israel’s supreme court?

It is absolutely insane that anyone would protest reforms to change the current situation.

So many Israelis and people worldwide are completely misinformed about what the judicial reforms are really about. Many are being brainwashed into believing that Israel’s right-wing government is run by dictators. They are being told that these reforms will take away freedoms and rights and everything that democracy stands for. The truth is that without the reforms, democracy suffers.

Many on the Left have no idea what the reforms even say. People should be educated and informed. And those who are educated and informed should stop trying to incite violence and bring the government down. They know the truth. It is actually shocking to see this video and to hear the truth. There is so much you can learn in just three minutes. If only more people were willing to give three minutes of their time to hear the facts. What a different place the world would be.

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