US Government Admits: They Lied & Literally Scared us to Death about Covid Deaths

by Avi Abelow

US government official Dr. Leana Wen has now admitted that the US government has overcounted covid deaths. She wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post and appeared on CNN saying this message. Hence, you know there must be a reason that she, the US government and the lying establishment media are finally admitting this truth. It means that they can’t cover up for their lies anymore.

I think it is perfect timing to re-release the following video that I produced back in January 2021 with proof that already back then governments around the world following WHO guidelines were overcounting covid deaths. Understand, it was a World Health Organization guideline for hospitals to lie about covid deaths! It was literally a rule to list anyone who entered a hospital with a positive covid test as a covid death, upon dying. Even if they entered the hospital because of a car crash! This has been known all along and labeled as “misinformation” until now. Only now they can’t hide it anymore!

When I made this video highlighting this fact back in January, 2021, I was crucified by my medical friends and family for daring to publish “misinformation” that would scare the public into not believing what we were being told. Little did they know, or want to admit, that it was not I who was scaring them with misinformation, it was the medical establishment, governments, and media scaring them to death with misinformation. Here is my video from January, 2021. Do not miss what was known back then, yet purposely hidden from the public.

Dr. Wen admitted that there are three categories of covid deaths, with really only one category truly counting as covid deaths!

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