These Angelic Voices Have Broken Down the Gates of Heaven

by Leah Rosenberg

When you hear a Jewish song like this one, it’s hard to not be inspired. These children’s voices are so pure and beautiful.

A Stunning Jewish Song

How meaningful are these words? How breathtaking are the voices of these children? There is something about this Jewish song that is just so perfect, so pure.

When innocent voices praise G-d like this, there is nothing more beautiful. This song gives strength to those who listen and internalize its message. The Hebrew words are from Psalm 96.

We have to thank G-d for everything and turn to Him for everything. What happens to us in life is truly for the best, even if we cannot always see it or feel it. G-d controls the world and orchestrates things the way they should be. Sometimes, there are challenges, and we suffer. In those time, we must turn to G-d and pray. And we must thank Him for all that we have. It is not easy, but we have to thank G-d for the good and the seemingly bad. We have to have faith that He is watching out for us and only doing what’s best. We can accept and embrace the challenges more when we believe that the One Above is orchestrating the events in our lives for our own good.

Maybe it’s as simple as a Jewish song like this one that can carry us through difficult times. Do not underestimate the power of music. King David certainly knew the power that music holds. Let’s try to tap into that inspiration.

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