The video that perfectly explains why the Left loves Islam

by Phil Schneider

The concept of leftist or progressive ideology is about equality of outcome and not equality of opportunity. This is the premise of this video. What this video does not do is make a clear difference between progressivism and liberalism.

Anger over lack of justice and inequality are the two aspects that leftists and Islamic groups seem to be filled with. They are filled with a collective anger against the societies they live in. The Jordan Peterson clip in the middle of this video is excellent. It defines exactly how dangerous things are when one group assigns collective guilt onto another group. It is not an easy discussion to have with those who see Muslims as a victim group that is also fighting with other progressives against the white leadership.

But this entire argument does not hold water in the United States and even in most of Europe. The United States is a country that has already elected and re-elected a black President. The United States is the most integrated country in the entire world. Elected Arabs now are free to spout whatever they believe in the halls of Congress. We can disagree and try to sideline the radical opinions, but they have true freedom of speech. This is all due to the greatness of the United States of America.

So, the next time someone speaks negatively about the American flag and American ideals, remind them and anyone listening to them that the only reason they are even hearing the criticism is due to the freedom that exists in the United States. There is no better place for a minority to be free and happy in this world than the United States of America.

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