The “Victory” of Hanukkah Has Never Sounded so Good

by Leah Rosenberg

Nissim Black has done it again with this unbelievable song for Hanukkah. In case anyone forgot what the holiday was about, this is it.

Thanking G-d on Hanukkah

The holiday of Hanukkah is about remembering and celebrating the miracles that G-d did for the Jewish people. In short, G-d helped the Jewish people win the war against the “mighty” Greeks. The Jews did not have nearly as many people fighting nor were they as strong. But the One Above made a miraculous military victory for the Jewish nation. G-d also made a miracle that the oil for the Menorah of the Temple lasted eight days. There was only enough pure oil for one day, and yet it lasted eight days until new pure oil could be made.

Sometimes, we get lost in the traditions of Hanukkah, and we forget why we are celebrating it. We light the candles without thinking. We pray without actually recognizing what G-d did for us and what He continually does for us. We give presents to our loved ones. We eat latkes and donuts. But we do that without thinking about the true meaning of what we are doing. We cannot forget why we really celebrate this joyous holiday.

And this song by Nissim Black really minds us.

We must never stop thanking G-d – on Hanukkah and throughout the entire year. We must never stop praising Him. This song “Victory” reminds us to be proud to celebrate. Be proud to be Jewish. Be proud to be G-d’s chosen nation. Don’t be ashamed that we beat the Greeks or any other Jewish enemy. Don’t be ashamed to be Jewish – especially in a world that is filled with so much hatred and antisemitism. Be thankful to G-d. Show the world that we celebrate G-d.

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