The UN is doing something shocking to the Palestinian Arab refugees

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the truth about the Palestinian Arab refugees? The UN has an entire faction set aside for them, UNRWA. But what does UNRWA even do?

Palestinian Arab Refugees

UNRWA, or United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East, does absolutely nothing positive for the so called Palestinian Arab “refugees.” Did you ever wonder why there are still even refugees? Why is that their status?

When the Jewish people regained control over their homeland, the Arab leaders told the Arabs living in Israel to leave and that they would return home once the Arabs won. But the Arabs lost. And the Arab countries did not take in anyone. The Jewish people did not kick out these so called refugees. And now the Palestinian Arabs continue these “refugee” camps to get world attention and sympathy. And UNRWA helps.

The Jewish Refugees

The UN never talks about the Jewish refugees – the ones who were persecuted and expelled. From ARAB countries. But these Jews looked passed their hardship and rebuilt their lives once again. Israel, the US, Canada, France, and other countries took these Jews in. The Jewish people have been persecuted since the beginning of time, but they always remain strong and look toward a brighter future. They have never been completely broken. The Jews do not sulk in their despairs. They look how they can move forward.

The UN Doesn’t Help

The UN does not provide services for these Palestinian Arab refugees. Apparently, they are not eligible for services from the UN Refugee Agency. And they are the ONLY ones. Why? UNRWA governs these refugee decedents. But UNRWA just holds them in refugee camps. What does that do?

This video is just a glimpse at how the UN is perpetuating the problem and doing absolutely NOTHING to help.

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