The Truth about What the Freedom Convoy Protest is Really Doing

by Phil Schneider

The Freedom Convoy Protest is looking like it will bring down Prime Minister Trudeau. The message is truly simple. People want their freedom back. It’s not complicated. This human rights protest is a powerful reminder of the power that working men have. Truck drivers know how to shut down the economy better than anybody else. Without roads, major chunks of the economy can be shut down very rapidly. A convoy that is 40 miles long is not a fringe group like Trudeau claims. It’s actually Trudeau that represents the fringe.

The best protests have very simple messages. No vaccine mandates and no digital passports. People want their freedom back and have drawn the line. The truckers are not just trying to scream. They are aiming to disrupt the invasion of rights by the federal government across North America.

The truckers protest will succeed as a massive majority of people agree with their demands. But the question is what will the repercussions be of this protest. Will the truckers be the ones who unmask the Trudeau’s government’s overreach? Will Trudeau lose his job because of the truckers? Will Biden’s popularity go down even more? It seems that the odds are high that the trucker protest will go down in history as the beginning of the end of government overreach in the wake of the pandemic.

The next time that a government tries to implement draconian lockdowns, the leaders will discuss whether or not a lockdown will lead to another massive trucker protest. The truckers will probably have a more lasting impact than the Black Lives Matter protesters.

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