The Truth about the “Brothers in Arms” Organization

by Avi Abelow

The “Brothers in Arms” organization is the most well-known organization at the forefront of the anti-judicial reform protest movement in Israel.

Representatives of the “Brothers in Arms” organization are going around the United States begging for support from progressive American Jews, only too eager to support them, since they talk the same progressive values. The progresssive Jewish community is low-hanging fruit for them because it allows them to think that they are supporting Israel by actually being anti-Israel. Some even were recently interviewed on a very biased CBS 60 Minutes episode which is totally libelous, causing tremendous damage to Israel.

In the interview, a reserve Helicopter pilot implies that Israel orders them to bomb apartments with children in Gaza and states that the only way to end the “occupation” in Judea & Samaria is by supporting their protest movement for “democracy”. With this one simply interview, they expose themselves as being extreme left-wingers hijacking the term “democracy” to gain supporters against the current government.

With all of their activities in Israel, they are exposing themselves as being even worse.

One IDF reserve soldier shared his thoughts about this organization on a recent facebook post in Hebrew, translated into English below:

For more than 12 years I have dedicated my life to fighting against antisemitism and anti-Zionism. I have had to spend much time specifically fighting those who, in the name of universal values, choose to defame Israel, IDF soldiers, the citizens of our country and our ability to defend ourselves. I learned to differentiate between situations when criticism of the State of Israel is legitimate, even if I don’t agree with it, and situations where it is antisemitic.

I have seen everything and heard everything. I have been exposed to the most despicable attempts in the world to harm Israelis, and to tremendous amounts of hatred towards Jews and Israelis in the world that is hard to describe.

Now we have been introduced to the Israeli “Brothers in Arms” organization. It is the the operational arm of the anti-judicial reform protest leaders, and it is showing us right in front of our eyes how they steal the value of unity (Brothers in Arms) and turn it into a weapon of abysmal hatred.

Yes, friends – even though we have all been raped over the past few months by an elite minority that has been terrorizing us (even scaring us about receiving proper medical care or opening our mouths at work about our political opinions), we must “speak truth to power” and say what needs to be said about this organization.

“Brothers in Arms” is a well-funded private militia, protected by the justice system and other powerful systems in our society (i.e – academia and the media). It is a militia designed to silence, intimidate, attack and oppress anyone who differs from them in appearance, thought, race, belief or political opinion.

Their violent behavior (including a man who threatened someone with a gun and another one who attacked a car with children in it), hatred, persecution of those different from them (religious, settlers etc.), the poison in their eyes, the foaming at the mouth, and their horrible anti-Israel behavior while shaming Israel from abroad, are much worse than any of the “extreme” right-wing activities in Israel that they complain about.

And please spare me the argument about what these snowflakes did in the IDF, how many degrees they have, how they are model Israeli citizens, and how much it is pushed in the media, via a huge PR effort, that they are better citizens than us – that’s an argument reserved for countries like North Korea.

To be clear – I, an active fighter in the IDF reserves, prefer to serve with a million (non-elitist Israelis) ultra-Orthodox, Arabs, Sephardim, Russians, as well as the most extreme ideological left there is – even if I don’t agree with their way – over the bunch of deep seated haters who dare to call themselves “Brothers in Arms”.

I’m sure there are plenty of people part of this “Brothers in Arms” militia who didn’t exactly intend for this protest to go in the direction of intimidating terror over neighbors, brothers and friends. If so – it’s time for you to put an end to this dangerous insanity.

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