The Temple Mount: Why Do Jews Not Enter the Elevated Platform?

by High on the Har

Why do Jews not enter onto the elevated platform, the area upon which currently rests the Dome of the Rock? This is an extremely important video for every Jew who is confused about how and where Jews are allowed to walk on the Temple Mount.

Unfortunately, too many Jews have heard that it is forbidden for us to go up to the Temple Mount without actually understanding the full Torah teachings. Yes, there are some Rabbis who tell their followers not to go up to the Temple Mount because they claim that we do not know where it is permissable for us to walk. However, there are plenty of other Rabbis, both historically and in contemporary times, who hold that we do know where we are allowed to walk on the Mount and hence it is permissible.

A Temple Mount Moment is the joint project of the Temple Institute and High on the Har. Temple Mount experts and co founders of High on the Har, Dr. Melissa Jane Kronfeld and Rabbi Yehuda Levi present each week fascinating facts and insights about the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple, its past, present and future!

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