The Taste Tour of Jerusalem’s Marketplace That You’ve Always Wanted to Go On

by Leah Rosenberg

Jerusalem’s Marketplace is pretty famous. It’s a hotspot for tourists. But do you know how many types of foods you can find there?

A Taste Tour of Jerusalem’s Marketplace

There are many cool things about Jerusalem’s marketplace – also referred to as Machane Yehuda or the Shuk. If you have never been there before, it is definitely a place you must experience. Venders sell everything from fruits and vegetables to souvenirs. There are restaurants and bakeries; fish stores and more. It almost feels like an ancient place in a modern (and yet ancient) city. Venders will call out what they are selling to get your attention. People are constantly shopping in this well-known area. Israelis and foreigners alike enjoy shopping in this unique marketplace.

And what you might not have realized is the history behind some of the different foods you can find in Jerusalem’s marketplace. This video gives you a mini tour of some of the delicious food you can eat in the Shuk. Maybe you have heard of some of these items, but maybe you had no idea where they originated from! It is pretty remarkable how diverse the Jewish state is.

If you weren’t hungry before watching this video, you probably are now. Make sure the next time you are in Jerusalem, you visit Machane Yehuda. Israel is a melting pot of many different cultures being that Jews were exiled and came back home from many different countries. Enjoy the various flavors that you’ll find in Israel and in the Shuk!

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