The story of a Holocaust survivor who taught a rabbi the importance of prayer

by Leah Rosenberg

This has got to be one of the most inspiring stories of the importance of prayer. How did a 90 year old Holocaust survivor pray in the camps?

The Importance of Prayer

People, whether Jewish or not, might think they know the importance of prayer. They might think they understand what it means to thank, praise, and create a connection with God. But sometimes, we do not understand as much as we think we do. Even a rabbi had what to learn about prayer.

When this 90 year old Holocaust survivor Amrom Deutsch was in a concentration camp, he risked his life to put on Tefillin, or phylacteries. Phylacteries are essential when men pray the morning prayers. And although it would have seemed impossible to pray during the Holocaust, Amrom made the impossible his purpose. It is one thing to have survived the Holocaust. But to survive and still be so dedicated to God? That is just another level.

Everyone Can Learn from Someone

We can all learn from people. It does not matter what position someone holds, what their job is, what title they have – everyone has something they can teach us. Especially Holocaust survivors. A rabbi is technically the leader of a synagogue. But this rabbi opened his heart and soul to accept a message from a 90 year old Holocaust survivor dedicated to serving God.

Who will you learn from today?

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