The Remarkable Secret Mission that Saved Israel in just 90 Seconds

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has to do everything it can to protect itself, even if the world will criticize it. That’s what happened with Operation Opera.

Operation Opera

Wow! What an incredible piece of history this is. Menachem Begin knew what he had to do to protect his people and country, and he did it. The fact that all the Israeli pilots returned home safely was nothing short of miraculous. G-d was clearly with those pilots flying those planes and destroying the Iraqi nuclear reactor. Operation Opera was a remarkable mission.

Menachem Begin taught the Jewish people and the world an important lesson. Israel cannot care about what the international world will say when it comes to protecting itself and the Jewish people. Israel cannot stand by and listen to threats of annihilation without doing anything. It has acted against threats in the past, and it will continue to act.

It is crazy that the international world condemned Israel for destroying the nuclear reactor of a country run by a ruthless terrorist. How can they tell Israel that it was wrong for protecting itself? The world made Menachem Begin seem like the terrorist for protecting the one and only Jewish state and the lives of millions and millions of Jews.

Mankind needs to learn its lesson. World leaders must stand with those who are right and stand against those who are wrong – no matter what anyone says. And the Jewish state must remember that it doesn’t matter what the international world says. If Israel is doing the right thing to defend itself, then it needs to do it.

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