The Purim holiday parody that every feminist will love

by Leah Rosenberg

The Purim holiday is a fun and unique day. Who were G-d’s messengers to save the Jewish people? One of them was Queen Esther.

Purim Holiday Hero

Esther is definitely one of the Purim holiday heroes. She sacrificed her own needs for the needs of her people. She was truly a woman of great courage. Judaism praises her for all that she did.

For anyone who thinks that Judaism does not hold its women up high, they are so, so wrong. Judaism treats its women with the utmost respect. There are many female heroes in Judaism and women who saved the Jewish nation.

This song is a message of thanks and appreciation to all great Jewish women. It is an inspiring message that any Jewish girl “can be Esther, too.”


Below are some of the lyrics of the song:

She was an orphaned child
Raised by Mordechai the Jew
Became the Queen when Haman was schemin boo oo.

She had the throne life
And risked her own life to save us
And now we’re all good, thanks
to God and Esther’s strength 
Years ago.

Cause girls like her show what a Jew can be
Comes down to what you do
You can be Esther too, yeah yeah
Girls like her throughout our history
They have always come through
And show what a girl can do, yeah yeah…

Maybe you look to Sarah
Maybe you look to Devorah
Maybe you look to your grandma or mother 
Maybe it’s Golda for you
Or else Gal Gadot is good too
So many wonderful women of valour.

Where would be without our Jewish Women
Always staying pure when the nation was sinning
In Egypt their faith was strong
By the egel they did no wrong.

Let’s all give a big shoutout to the Jewish women of valor!

Col. Kemp

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