The Protest Movement in Israel is Doomed to Failure

by Avi Abelow

As Israel’s Supreme Court is in the process of illegally transforming Israel’s Declaration of Independence into Israel’s de facto constitution, I want to share the following story and thoughts.

I just returned from a meeting in Israel where the CEO brought up the insane and depressing times we are living in. The CEO is a secular Israeli Jew, and he said to me “in our office we have secular empolyees, ultra-Orthodox employees, national- religious employees and we all get along. But outside we are being told that we are divided. It is so depressing.”

I responded to him by saying that the situation in his office is the reality of our situation in Israel. What we are being told by the media a and tycoon driven protest movement, led by ex-leaders of Israel who are today showing that they are truly evil ex-leaders, is the spin causing division between people. And that is why I’m optimistic about our future. And that is why you should be optimistic too!

The next time an anti-democracy/anti-judicial-reform protestor tells you that he wants Israel to be a ‘democracy’ based on the Declaration of Independence, ask that person how many times the word Jewish (referring to Jewish nation or Jewish state) is mentioned in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, and how many times the word “democracy” is mentioned?

I will tell you…

The word “Jewish” is mentioned 16 times.

The word “Democracy is mentioned zero times.

The Declaration of Independence is quite clear that Israel was not founded to be “a democracy”, it was founded to be the State of the Jewish people, that would ensure rights and equality for all who live within our borders.

Jews for thousands of years dreamt and prayed to return to our Jewish homeland. We did not dream of returning to Israel to establish a democracy, we dreamt of returning to Israel to once again be sovereign in our ancestral, Biblical and indigenous homeland to be responsible for our own future and security. And that is the message of Israel’s declaration of Independence.

Democracy is just a governance system that we implemented, because as Churchill himself stated, “democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried.” Every democracy has flaws because it is ultimately led by people.

Do not let any person get away with lying to you that ‘Israel must be a democracy according to the Declaration of Independence’. Remind that person to actually read it before they continue to parrot the lines fed to them by the brainwashing media and protest leaders.

Understand, people from both sides of this protest movement want Israel to continue to be a strong democracy.

However, only the pro-judicial reform movement leaders want Israel to be Jewish state with a democratic governance system. The leadership of the anti-democracy/anti-judicial reform protest movement want Israel to be a democracy, like the US, France, Britian etc., without being a Jewish state.

That is why they support the justice system in nullifying all laws that deport illegal migrants.

That is why they support the justice system harming equal opportunity for religious women in the name of “equality”.

That is why they support the education system pushing the destructive, and evil, trans-agenda on children.

And that is why they support the justice system eventually changing Israel’s national anthem and getting rid of the right of Jews to return to Israel and receive automatic citizenship.

That is what the protest movement is truly about, and most of the protestors have no clue how they are being used by an anti-Israel protest movement.

The leaders of the anti-democracy/anti-judicial-reform protest movement are not fighting for ‘justice’, or for ‘democracy’. It is about whether Israel remains a Jewish state or ceases to be one.

That’s why I know, that even though the protest movement has succeeded in stopping the very much just and needed judicial reform, that they will fail in the end, because most Jewish Israelis want Israel to remain a Jewish state.

The protest movement leaders in the justice system, in the media, in academia etc. can succeed in lying outright lies in brainwashing the public for only so long.

Don’t be discouraged by the headlines. Israel will continue be a strong Jewish state with a thriving democratic system, with most Israelis unified, despite this despicable, evil campaign filled with lies and emotional manipulation.

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

In truth, Israel’s declaration of Independence proves the need for judicial reform. Click here to watch the video explanation.

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