The Prophecy that Became the Cornerstone of Israel’s National Anthem

by Leah Rosenberg

Time and time again, the prophecies of the Bible have come to life. Ezekiel’s prophecy has given hope to the Jewish people for eternity.

The Prophecy of Hope

How have the Jewish people carried on through all the suffering? How have they not given up? Because G-d has been with them. G-d has reminded them to hold onto hope. In the past, there was prophecy. Although now there are no longer prophets, the people of Israel still cling to the hope of the prophecies that G-d promised. Because the Jews know full well that the Bible is truth and that G-d will keep His promises. Just look at Jewish history – there is no reason the Jewish people still exist logically. But G-d decreed that the Jewish people will exist, and so they do.

Israel has held onto its hope for thousands of years. After each exile, after each period of oppression, after each time other nations tortured the innocent Jew, the people of Israel did not give up. They did not throw G-d to the sidelines. They continued to trudge along His challenging path that was put forth for them.

And look where the Jews ended up: Back in their own, ancestral homeland; the Land that G-d promised to Abraham. Is the redemption complete? No. But it most definitely has begun. And we pray that it will be completed soon. We continue to follow G-d’s will and perform His commandments in the hope that He will bring the final redemption. We continue to hope. Because as G-d’s nation, the only way to live is with faith and hope.

High Holidays

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