The once modernized Jordan has turned into THIS!

by Leah Rosenberg

Jordan could have been something different. But Hamas is turning the once modern kingdom into something that should horrify the Western world.

Jordan’s Extremism Problem

Take a look at this video. Soak it in. These are the types of videos that Hamas satellite TV broadcasts from Amman. Convicted murderer Ahlam Tamimi is teaching young children to kill Jews and become terrorists. The young boy in this video is pledging to be martyred for Jerusalem. Teaching a child of any age – or ANY person of any age – how to carry out suicide missions is disturbing! It is abuse. And it must be stopped.

Education for the Next Generation

You are seeing an example of what the education is like in the radical Muslim world. The future is not going to look any different if children are taught to murder Jews from a young age. Is it not frightening? What kind of culture instills their children with the values of murder and hate? How can the world look at the democratic state of Israel with disgust when in “modern” Jordan this is happening? The double standard is glaring. And anyone who choose to ignore it is guilty as well.

Arab Incitement
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