The Nikki Haley Interview that Says it all

by Phil Schneider

The first question is great and exposes the real self of Nikki Haley. Why did she leave the UN in the first place? She was super-popular. But she had tremendous clarity of mind when she made the decision to take a break. She artfully explains her motives for moving on from the United Nations. But, if you listen closely, you’ll realize that she is setting herself up for a major move on the national stage. When? When the Donald decides to move on or is forced to retire by term limits. That means 2020 or 2024. There is a very good chance that this proud leader will become the first woman to become President of the United States.

Nikki vs. the World at the UN

She speaks the truth, and she says it simply in a matter of fact way. The way she breaks down the Jerusalem Embassy issue is just a pleasure to listen to. She is actually not very into self-promotion even when she promotes herself. She doesn’t hid that she actually had little international experience when she began her tour of duty at the UN. Haley will be perfectly positioned as the person to continue the positive Trump policies without all of the baggage that President Trump has. After 8 years of President Trump, the United States will probably look for a more conciliatory candidate – even if the policies of the Trump administration continue to prove effective and popular.

Why Israel?

When Haley is asked to explain why Israel is so vilified at the UN, her answer is so enlightening. First off, she explains that the main drive of so many countries in voting against Israel is because of pressure from Arab countries who have so much oil and wealth. But, she also points out that even most of the Arab countries are not as anti-Israel as they seem. She believes that the major issue that drives their attitudes is actually envy. Yes – they are envious of the State of Israel. With this kind of understanding, she has been able to move the norms of the Middle East discussion to one where truth is the guiding hand, and not bias.

We look forward to many decades of leadership from Nikki Haley for the United States and the State of Israel.

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