The musical gathering that shows the power of song

by Leah Rosenberg

The power of song is deeper than you can imagine. In the Bible, it talks music. Music has existed in the world since the beginning of time!

Music in the Bible

Instruments and music are discussed in the Bible. Since the beginning, human beings have made instruments and played music. King David was a musician and played the harp. He created a whole book known as the Book of Psalms. Think about it – even the king of Israel found music to be an important part of life!

When the prophets used to get prophecy, it could only happen when they were in a state of happiness. And how could they potentially attain happiness? Through music. What an unbelievable concept. Music is so ancient and holy!

The Power of Song

It is so obvious when you look at the Bible and history how powerful music and song can be. In the Temple, the Levites would sing and play instruments. That was one of their jobs. And you can understand how important of a job that was! Music and song in the Temple, in such a holy place? It must have been an unreal feeling.

The Jewish people use music and tunes throughout the prayer services as well. It helps people connect to God in a way that words cannot always accomplish. So when you listen to and watch the musical gathering in this video, which is also known as a Kumzits, you can understand what these Hasidim might be feeling while they sing and sway. The music can bring them closer to God in ways they never thought possible!

Lag B'Omer

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