The most powerful silence you will ever feel

by Leah Rosenberg

This video of Bibi at the UN is extremely powerful. Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. And that is definitely the case here.

Bibi at the UN

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a great speaker. Watching Bibi at the UN here just gives you a glimpse at why. Being the prime minister of Israel is no easy task. But Netanyahu has shown that he will not allow the world to bully the one Jewish state.

Although this video is from a few years ago, it is still ever so relevant. That is the sad truth. Has the world learned its lesson about Iran? Not at all. They are still falling for the traps of the terrorist regime. They are still allowing Iran to dictate the rules.

The Most Powerful Silence

Many people have made important and influential speeches at the United Nations. PM Netanyahu’s speech here definitely got the world’s attention. He glared at the UN for 45 seconds in what seemed like an eternity. The silence was tangible. People felt it. He showed them how silence can do so much damage. How the UN’s silence as Iran threatened and continues to threaten the very existence of Israel (and really the entire Western world) is only going to do harm.

And yet 4 years later, the UN and the world have still not learn the lesson. They have still not learned that silence can kill.

Dr. Kedar - Attack on Israel
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