The Most Hilarious Comment Ever Said About President Biden

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden has been putting on an amazing show as he trips and fumbles through his Presidency while struggling with cognitive struggles. It really is amazing that he is still holding on. But, this collection of Joe’s stumbles would be absolutely hilarious if it wasn’t so dangerous.

Joe Biden is tiptoeing the United States into a massive war in Ukraine and Russia. Remember that World War II did not start overnight. It was a gradual buildup that took place over a span of 6 years when Germany lost control and turned into a dictatorship. One of the critical things that led to the massive war between 1939 till 1945 that led to tens of millions of lives being killed, was weak leadership – specifically in England. FDR was probably convinced back in 1937 or 1938 that there was going to be a massive war needed to stop the German attacks. But the United States was too isolationist until the Pearl Harbor attack to put boots on the ground.

One of the key lessons of that fateful time is that appeasement breeds aggression. This is an age-old truth that is just as applicable to today’s reality as in any other time. Joe Biden is probably not making the big decisions these days. He is probably speaking to Barack Obama who is advising him to appease Putin and avoid confrontation. There is logic to this strategy. But it does not hold water with dangerous dictators like Putin.

The main issue is that the sanctions are not hurting Putin enough as China and others are propping up the Russian economy. What can be done is something that Putin is most scared of – an overwhelming amount of pressure placed on Putin with a get-off-your-high-horse option that will give Putin a way out without forcing him into a corner. But this pressure would need to have a credible military option too. But Obama is against these kinds of saber-rattling strategies and Obama is Biden’s chief “big issue” advisor. The result is a United States that is sleep-walking into a massively dangerous war between Russia and Europe.

We need a serious change in the White House – not a laughingstock of a President.

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ewljr April 27, 2023 - 4:00 am

Flush Sodomite Joe Biden & his entire LGBTQ administration.

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