The man who kidnapped Jewish children during WWII

by Phil Schneider

Is this man a saint, a hero? Well, looking back, he probably is one of the top 10 saints of the darkest times in all of history, WWII.

The horrible Nazi regime in World War II was just as driven to destroy the entire Jewish race as they were driven to conquer the world. Most historians claim that more than 1.5 million of those that were killed were children.

What is not often known is that nearly every single person in Europe who helped save any Jewish people from the Nazis was endangering their own life. The Nazis killed thousands of Polish people who tried to save Jewish lives.

Light in Darkness

There were people who in the midst of the terrible tragedy proved to all of the world that the soul of a human being can outshine the darkness of the evil that exists in the world.

Of course, Oskar Schindler is probably the most well-known savior during the Holocaust. But there were more than just Schindler. There are also so many individuals who will never be known to the masses who also proved to the world that good can exist in the darkest time.

However, it is not just the saviors who should be remembered for their bravery. The victims themselves – in so many situations – did nearly everything possible without any weapons or food to save their own lives and the lives of others.

The spirit of a human being, Viktor Frankl explained, can overcome the most heinous evil if their is meaning behind their struggles. This became crystal clear to so many in the midst of their lives in concentration camps.

The German’s goal to spread darkness in the world has not won. It has been defeated by all those who never gave up in the face of evil – both victims and survivors.

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