The leaked video of radical Left-wing PBS Principal Counsel that got him fired

by Avi Abelow

Equating Trump to Hitler, if Biden wins “we will go after Republicans”, “Homeland Security will take their (Republicans) children away”, “we will put their children into re-education camps”. If Trump wins “we will go to the White House and throw molotov cocktails”.

These are quotes from an executive at PBS, a top legal counsel, caught on the following Project Veritas video. PBS is a publicly funded television station in the USA. He has since resigned since the video below has been released exposing his horrendous words.

While the establishment media is attacking President Trump for “incitement”, and the Democrats are trying to impeach President Trump again, these are the words being uttered by people who are setting the public agenda on educating children in America today.

Some people might excuse this man or say he is alone. But what about the quote from Nancy Pelosi herself “I don’t know why there aren’t uprisings all over the country. Maybe there will be” from months ago. Or Joe Biden’s recent statement equating Senators Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley to the Nazi propaganda minister Goebells? If they are Goebells, and then their boss is like Hitler and all his supporters are like Nazis.

This is the rhetoric from the Trump hating crowd that is being totally ignored.

Thankfully this PBS lawyer was exposed for his horrible words, but how many others with power in the establishment media and social media companies think and say the same things?

These are truly scary times.

The radical left wing today is very much in the throws of a massive push to silence the right wing based on the “incitement” of the President. Yet, as we see, plenty of incitement is taking place on the left, yet they are free to voice anything they want, without any censure. Unless they are publicly humiliated like this PBS lawyer.

The biggest threat to society today is in the enormous power that media social media companies have over what messages get spread far and wide, and what messages are suppressed. It really is that simple.

The messages that left-wing Silicon Valley ideologues support are seen nearly ten times as much as right-wing messages. And now, there are many messages from the right-wing that are being censored completely.

Today, President Donald Trump is considered a more dangerous threat to the world than the Ayatollahs in Iran. President Trump is censored by not the Ayatollahs.

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