The Israeli and American Left unite in NY against their feared political rivals

by Barry Shaw

When Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, arrives in NY to address the UN General Assembly, the TV news channels will highlight the disgraceful sight of Israelis joining Palestinian Arabs, radical Leftists, and other Israel haters to protest Israel’s democratically elected leader.

You will see Israelis, who deserted Israel years ago, accusing Bibi of all sorts of fraudulent claims.

You will see tens of millions spent by anti-democratic elitists to try to bring down an elected Prime Minister.

One of the most hypocritical phenomena is displayed on a huge sign facing the UN Building calling him a “Crime Minister” when he is innocent of all charges as the weak cases brought against him are collapsing due to lack of any substantive evidence. Those supposed to be state’s witnesses ended up clearing Netanyahu instead of framing him. Even the judges told the prosecutors to drop one of the major suits.

The hypocrisy of the Israeli Left I speak of is that they are led by a very real criminal Minister, Ehud Olmert, former prime minister who served prison sentences for his proven political and financial corruption and breach of public trust.

In their blatant hypocrisy, these leftwing Israelis are not embarrassed by this important detail, and the media will not cover this important detail.

As such, Netanyahu reflects what is going on in America on a much larger scale. There, a fearful Left is determined to slam their feared political rival in prison, preferably before the 2024 Presidential Election, even as they work to pass laws preventing him from speaking publicly of his innocence and how the American Democrat left are destroying traditional justice and true democracy before our eyes.

In America, we see the emerging evidence of the Biden crime family, a justice system and a media covering up for them, while Soros-elected prosecutors and justices corrupt the justice system and democracy, in pursuit of their feared political rival.

In New York, you will witness the Israeli version of a losing Left in pursuit of their most feared political rival.

You will see Israelis shamelessly join arms with anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian Arab, pro-BDS, anti-Semitic demonstrators, while slandering their own cournty, Israel, in the name of democracy.

For shame!

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