The Hilarious Moments Biden Wished Never Happened

by Phil Schneider

The “first lady’s” husband. Dozing off at International Conferences. Forgetting the name of the Australian Prime Minister. These are just some of the flubs that the Executive in charge of the United States today has displayed in front of the cameras.

There are the anti-Trump voters who will never see anything negative in Joe Biden. And then there are some pro-Trurmp voters who have trouble seeing any faults in Donald Trump. But both are totally off.

Donald Trump is a clearly flawed Presidential candidate. But his performance as President surprised most of his detractors. It was one of the most chaotic Executive Branches in recent memory. But Trump was extremely effective, both domestically and on the international level.

Joe Biden is clearly a more likable candidate for more people. But he has weakened the United States on the international stage and emboldened all of the dangerous countries to make their moves on his watch. Will the Democrat Party actually nominate him for the 2024 election? The only reason to renominate Biden is that there is such a weak cadre of candidates within the Democrat Party to compete against him. But that is not a good enough reason. Someone should and probably will emerge.

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