The expo that claimed to celebrate Palestinian Arab culture did something alarming

by Leah Rosenberg

This expo said they gathered to celebrate Palestinian Arab culture. But take a closer look. The truth should frighten you.

Palestinian Arab Culture

This expo claimed to celebrate Palestinian Arab culture. But does that then mean the culture is filled with hate and incitement? Seemingly, yes. Because that is the only thing they “celebrated” at this expo.

Take a look at the list of speakers. Listen to what they said. They encouraged hatred. They incited violence. The speakers called for boycotting the one and only Jewish state. Not only that, but they also called for the destruction of the Jewish state. What kind of sick “celebration” is that? All the topics and personalities who came to speak made it clear what the goal was.

Celebrating Terrorism

What this expo really did was celebrate terrorism. They call these terrorists “martyrs.” Those who have killed Israeli men, women, and children are considered heroes in the eyes of these Palestinian Arabs who came to “celebrate their culture.” They spread lies and claim that Israel is an apartheid state. Saying Israel has no right to exist is encouraging listeners to actively destroy it.

Did they talk about Palestinian Arab history at all? Is there even a Palestinian Arab history? They trick everyone into believing there is. And then they ultimately use any platform they can to discuss terrorism and how to destroy Israel. You can see the pictures and videos. You can listen to the speakers. The truth is the truth, and anyone who denies it is just antisemitic as well.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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