The Bill That Will End America As We Know It

by Phil Schneider

The biggest threat facing the United States today is unbridled immigration that floods the cities of the United States with homegrown terrorists. Yes, there are many immigrants who are innocent and well-meaning. But, the only way to keep the problematic elements out is going to be via a strict process that makes sure that there are multiple layers that insure that it is not simple to enter the United States with evil intentions.

The newly elected congresswomen pushing these initiatives are not only misguided, they genuinely want to see the United States brought down to it’s knees by it’s enemies. Yes – they support the Islamic regimes in the Middle East that dream of bringing down the United States. They support attacks on the United States such as 9-11. They can’t even come to say something negative about terrorist acts such as those. They also only have only negative things to say about the State of Israel.

Let’s make this perfectly clear. They now have a close ally in the Senate who is the present front-runner for the Democratic Presidential elections – Bernie Sanders. Sanders refuses to reject them as a problematic fringe. Actually, he’s one of the main reasons that the Democratic party has lunged so far to the left of where it used to be. Bernie Sanders is an effective communicator who knows how to explain the lack of “fairness” in that rich people have so much and poor people have so little. But, what he doesn’t accept is that rich people do not make poor people poor. Actually, rich people are the main reason there are less poor people. Poor people need more governmental support – but not in the way of handouts, but in the way of tax breaks and incentives to get out of being on the dole. Handouts are not the key for poor people. Free up rich people from the shackles of government and use government to boost the poor and unfortunate people with incentives to get out of their fate.

But “The Squad” wants to bring in more poor people and, yes – steal – more from the rich people in order to redistribute wealth and accrue more power to government. That is the nature of democratic socialism. This needs to be rejected just like the proposals that will bring down the United States from within.

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