The BDS Movement Just Publicly Proved How Anti-Semitic They Are

by Phil Schneider

The BDS Movement has never been very good at hiding their anti-semitism. But now, they have raised up their levels with a public incitement of violence against Jews, Jewish institutions and schools. The BDS movement talks about Israel, but really uses that as their excuse for pure hatred against Jews. It’s that simple.

Should free speech such as the BDS naming Jewish institutions be prohibited? Arsen Ostrovsky says yes. Even though it is a slippery slope to say that free speech has limits, it is true and must be said. Any clear call of violence – such as this BDS action, should be beyond the pale and prohibited.

The BDS movement ostensibly stands up against illegal activities within Israel. But in truth, what they do is they use legal terminology to work towards their stated goal – the destruction of the State of Israel. What is important to note is that hatred of the Jewish State and hatred of Jews is actually one and the same. The two are the flipsides of the same coin.

Any left-wing supporter of the State of Israel should be careful to never align themselves with the BDS movement. The BDS movement is a purely anti-Israel movement. But there is no reason whatsoever that anyone should align themselves with haters of the Jewish people.

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