Terrorist Flies Freely Despite No-Fly Ban

by Phil Schneider

The world today has many dangerous people that have way too much mobility. Border Patrol should be the main location where dangers are stopped in their tracks. That allows us to at least contain the problems within the sovereign borders of any country. But, the main problem today is in the European Union. That failed Union has allowed an influx, or an invasion of immigrants from radical Muslim countries into their borders. Within a matter of a few decades, we will not recognize Europe anymore, and most of the continent will become a no-go zone for masses of people.

We need to have more no-go zones for dangerous people – genuinely dangerous people. Those no-go zones should include planes, and any international boats, etc… In today’s day and age, there are so many ways that a person can wreak havoc on the lives of thousands of others with relative ease. That is why we all wait on lines in airports to make sure that nobody has liquid sneaking onto planes. It is an inconvenience. But worth it. We need to take that attitude in terms of border control. It should not be simple to cross a border. There should be multiple obstacles along the way set up so that anyone with violent intentions is caught somewhere in the process.

The State of Israel has been relatively successful in this regard. The El-Al Airline security is rightfully proud of their near perfect record of stopping terror in it’s tracks. They screen every single person who walks into the Ben-Gurion airport in multiple ways. If a person seems a bit suspicious, they take that person aside and check them in multiple ways. Then, even if they pass one layer of security, they are watched again and again – until boarding. This is the right way of doing things. It’s worth the extra 30 minutes of waiting on lines.

Dr. Kedar - Ra'am
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