Terror Attack In Tel Aviv Leaves One Dead

by Micha Gefen

A terrorist from Jenin shot and killed a municipal officer at the corner of the Montefiore and Nachalat Binyamin streets in Tel Aviv on Shabbat.

Two officers approaches the suspect after they noticed him acting suspicious. The terrorist then opened fired, critically injuring one officer, 42 year old Chen Amir. The second officer fired back, killing the terrorist.

Amir was taken to the nearby Ichilov Hospital, where medical officials declared his death.

“Chen… was killed while preventing with his body a larger attack and in his death saved many lives,” a statement from the hospital said.

Footage shows that the second officer ran after the suspect and shot him.

“My partner was first, he managed to prop up his motorcycle, but at the same moment the terrorist pulled out a handgun and started shooting at my partner,” the officer said.

“I pulled out my handgun and fired at him. He also tried to fire a bullet or two at me but they didn’t hit. I chased after him and continued shooting until he fell to the ground,” the officer added.

Shabtai hailed the officer, saying that “there is no doubt that your quick and professional action saved a life.”

“A few meters away from us you can see the crowded cafes and understand the magnitude of the disaster that was avoided. It is thanks to your vigilance and engaging [the gunman],” Shabtai added.

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