Teenager Expelled from Temple Mount for Bowing Down in Prayer

by Avi Abelow

A Jewish teenager was removed from the Temple Mount the other day by Israeli police for bowing in prayer on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

This is important to see in order to highlight the religious discrimination against Jews, and Christians, on the holiest site to the Jewish people. In order to pacify and appease the Muslim authorities and Jordan, the Israeli police enforce the Muslim rules that forbid Jews or Christians from praying, or doing any act of prayer on the Temple Mount.

It is an absolute disgrace that the Muslims threaten to start world war III if Jews were to pray, or even bow, on Judaism’s holiest site – the place where the two former Jewish Temples stood, the last of which was destroyed by the Romans in 70CE.

The Temple Mount is now dominated by no less than 5 mosques, two of which are situated underneath the Temple Mount. The latest illegal mosque was established earlier this year at the site of the sealed Golden Gate, at the eastern side of the Temple Mount.

Jews and Christians are only allowed to visit the Temple Mount at designated times and are carefully watched by the Jordanian Waqf to ensure no Jewish or Christian prayer takes place.

Because of the distorted Western view that we must appease the intolerance and terror of the Muslim world, the Israeli police have no option but to expel the teenage boy from the Temple Mount in order to keep the fragile peace on the Temple Mount.

The Good News

More and more Jews are visiting the Temple Mount! In the end, when the masses of Jews visit the Temple Mount we will be able to end the intolerance and terror of the Muslim authorities. We are witnessing this process day by day, year by year, holiday by holiday.

Don’t trust me, read what long-time Temple Mount activist, and former Likud Knesset member Yehudah Glick went up to the Temple Mount yesterday and wrote this:

“I remember the days not so long ago when we had just a handful of Jews on a good day on Temple Mount.”

“On Holidays we were happy when we reached 50 a day.”

“In the first three days of Sukkot this year we have reached already 1700,
1000 of them today!”

“Also many more tourists than ever before.”

“Come visit the Temple Mount. God is awaiting us all to turn it into a House of Prayer for all Nations”

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