Ted Cruz Exposes Biden’s Lies about the Russian Invasion and Gas Prices

by Phil Schneider

When the dust settles from the Russian attack on Ukraine, there will be many things that will come out. What are the real motives of Vladimir Putin? How have the Ukrainian forces managed to fend off the Russian military with such few weapons? But moreover, why has Joe Biden refused to clamp down on Russian gas and oil revenues? That may be the most surprising revelation. Ted Cruz, like many others across America, smell a rat. Yes, it seems like there is some reason to suspect corruption at the very highest levels of the American government.

The name Hunter Biden has not been spoken about much of late. But Hunter Biden was a Ukraine-oriented businessman, who clearly utilized his father’s connections in order to accrue much wealth. Does Vladimir Putin have some proof of the Biden family’s corruption? Is Putin blackmailing the Biden family in order to make sure that Joe Biden doesn’t clamp down with crippling gas and oil sanctions on Russia?

In the coming weeks, the story of the refugees and the war’s progress will dominate the airwaves. But there are so many questions and lessons that must be studies about this war. So many assumptions about the world have been upended by this 21st century war. But one thing must be crystal clear. The world is still a dangerous place. As long as brutal dictators in Russia and China have money, large armies, and nuclear weapons, nobody should be fooled into thinking that the world is safe.

We must learn the lessons from this war and elect strong leaders who don’t think that sanctions and speeches do much against brutal dictators.

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