Stunning Rendition of One of Israel’s Most Well-Known Songs

by Leah Rosenberg

There are many Israeli songs that people know the words to and will recognize whenever they hear it. This is one of those popular songs.

Famous Israeli Songs

Some popular Israeli songs include Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (Jerusalem of Gold), Hatikva (Israel’s national anthem), Hava Nagila, Lu Yehi, Salaam, Chai, Ani V’ata and the song in this video – Ein Li Eretz Acheret. You might know some of the songs from that list or you might know all of them.

There are just certain songs that will make you feel Israel; certain songs that will make you feel the Jewish people. Some Israeli songs might make you feel connected to your brothers and sisters throughout the world and in the land of Israel. Some songs and lyrics might make you feel the connection your soul has to the your homeland, Israel.

The song Ein Li Eretz Acheret is a reminder to all of the Jewish people and really to all of the world. There is only one Jewish homeland. The Jews don’t have another land. G-d promised them that small, yet infinitely holy piece of land in the Middle East. A Jew can never forget where his home is – even if he does not yet live there. And the world often needs a reminder to whom the land of Israel belongs.

The Jewish people have sacrificed everything to live proudly in their homeland. They have literally sacrificed their lives. We must stand up for Israel and speak loudly in support of the Jewish state. How dare we remain silent after all that was given up so that the Jewish people can finally come home? Let’s make those sacrifices worth it.

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