Stunning Jewish Song Hits Home with These Moving Lyrics

by Leah Rosenberg

The words of this Jewish song will bring you to tears. Although the song wasn’t written today, we definitely feel its relevance.

Beautiful Jewish Song Has Powerful Meaning Today

There are some songs out there that will just bring up emotions even if they were written years and years ago. Some songs have such powerful lyrics that you’ll just be left in awe. This Jewish song “Daddy Dear” is one of those songs.

The Jewish people are living in times today which are filled with immeasurable tears. Too many have lost their loved ones. Too many spend their nights crying for the safety of their precious children fighting on the front lines against Hamas. Wives are crying for their husbands. Children are begging G-d for their fathers to come home safely.

As Hillel Fuld said, “You know, I grew up listening to two Jewish singers who I really liked. Mordechai Ben David is one of the most famous Jewish singers ever. Yitzy Spinner was a star soloist in Miami Boys Choir and had a voice of an angel. He still does. This duet between the two of them always gave me chills. But the other day, I was thinking about it. I think the song popped up on my Spotify and it got me thinking about our current situation. The song is about a father and a son and the son asks the father if it’s true that Hashem has a cup that he fills with tears? That when we cry, He cries with us? And that when the cup fills up, all our pain goes away? It’s a stunning song and in our current reality, it really hits home.”

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