Son of Hamas Killed it With This Truth Bomb About “Palestine”

by Leah Rosenberg

Mosab Hassan Yousef, otherwise known as the Son of Hamas, nailed it here. And Israel-haters are furious about it.

Son of Hamas Infuriates “Pro-Palestinians” with the Truth

This needs to be said publicly more often. You can always count on the Son of Hamas to say it like it is. He is a proud defender of the truth and is courageous enough to speak against the lies.

“Palestine” is not real. It’s a non-existent narrative that was created to breed hatred against the Jewish nation and to convince the world that Israel must be destroyed. The lies about the one and only Jewish state spread so rapidly.

Too much of the world is asleep. And we need to wake them up. If people won’t listen to a man who grew up as a Hamas member and knows what the terror group and the radical Islamic ideology is all about, who will they listen to? When will they wake up? This is not some minor issue we are talking about. The future of the freedom-loving world is at stake.

The Liberal world is afraid of saying the wrong thing. That world wants to be “politically correct” and not “hurt anyone’s feelings.” But our society cannot survive that way. Enough of being “PC.” The truth needs to be said loud and clear. And it needs to be said with strength and courage.

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