Short Film Reveals How Political Correctness is Tearing The World Apart

by Phil Schneider

This “horror” video is not about Israel or even the Jewish People.  It is about political correctness.  But it goes to the heart of where the progressive western world is going wrong. Facts don’t matter anymore. Diversity privilege points and the facade of victim-hood trump everything else. This intellectual climate leads the erroneous David vs. Goliath interpretation of Israel that spreads like wildfire throughout college campuses today.  It is popular among the millennial generation.

Annoying – But Important

Political Correctness is not a small thing anymore. The idea of PC is such a powerful force in our life these days.  It is clearly taken to the extreme in this video. However, so many politically correct absurdities are featured in this “horror” film.

I admit that I found this video very annoying, but it was important. The message of this politically correct video is patently absurd. Feelings are all that matters. In the world of PC, life truly does become horrible. If you would like to understand why personalities such as Ben Shapiro have become so popular, it is due to the attitudes featured in this video that are becoming more normative.

My favorite part of this video are the last 3 words of the video, but I won’t spoil it for you.

Neel Kolhatkar previous short-film on the subject…

BDS Exposed
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