Shocking: Muslim Arab Convert to Judaism Revealed the Only Path to Peace

by Leah Rosenberg

It is most definitely not common to have a Muslim Arab convert to Judaism. Timor-David Aklin knows both the Arab world and Jewish world.

Muslim Convert to Judaism Shares All

Timor-David Aklin has a remarkable and unique story. He had the strength to convert to Judaism even though he grew up learning to hate Jews.

It’s rare for someone to have an understanding of both the Arab mindset as well as the Jewish mindset. But Timor-David Aklin does. So it’s worth it to listen to what he has to say.

And what he said is important. It may be unpopular in the progressive world, but it is the sad truth. It is not the norm in the Arab world to love Jews. Yes, there are those who do support the one and only Jewish state. There are Israeli Arabs who love living amongst the Jewish people. But sadly, they are not the majority according to what Aklin said.

Given everything he said, he does believe there could be peace. But not the way much of the world believes there could be peace. Timor-David Aklin said “The only way there will truly be peace is if the Jews are strong enough that the Muslims will want to be with them.” The Jewish people and Jewish leaders worldwide need to wake up to this idea. We have seen time and time again that giving in to the demands of our haters for the sake of “peace” only creates more bloodshed. Maybe it’s time the world listened to a man who used to be a Muslim himself…

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