PUTIN DECLARES WAR: Russia Strikes Ukrainian Military Targets, Moves Into Break Away Republics As “Liberator”

by David Mark

Russia has begun its attack on Ukraine. Western news reports describe a mass incursion of Russian forces into Ukraine, while Russia says otherwise.

While no one denies that a serious conflict has begun between Russia and Ukraine, real reports from the ground have shown that the initial phase of the Russian “peace-keeping” operation is not quite as destructive and apocalyptic as Team Biden and NATO want the West to believe.

That being said, Russia has launched a massive amount of airstrikes against Ukraine’s NATO provided defense infrastructure and has significantly degraded it. Videos of tanks rolling into Ukraine are said to be propaganda by Ukraine in order to stir up international support. Russia flat out denies Russian boots are on the ground in Ukraine.

However, the truth is somewhere in the middle. It is important in this fast-moving conflict to understand that Russia does not hold the newly independent pro-Russian republics of Donetsk and Luhansk to be part of Ukraine. As far as Russia is concerned their tanks can freely move into those areas after the two republics signed a defense cooperation agreement with the Kremlin a few days ago.

Source: Wikipedia

Russia holds that it is Ukraine that is occupying parts of these republics and it is in fact Russia who is allowed to defend them and push out the Ukrainian army.

The Russian air force appears to only be hitting military installations, despite the Ukrainian and NATO propaganda claiming the opposite.

This conflict as it rolls forward is really about a dying West that needs an ongoing crisis to hold onto emergency powers; versus a resurgent Russia that may not be so friendly, but is not as bad as the West claims. The challenge for Israel is staying away from both sides – Putin may not give it that option.


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