Russia and Iran Join Forces Against Israel

by Micha Gefen

An Iranian satellite was sent to space on Tuesday using a Russian rocket. The rocket was launched in Kazakistan with both Iranian and Russian officials in attendance.

Russian and Iranian space cooperation is especially worrying to Israel as it means Iran can use its satellites to spy on Israel or even worse. This sort of partnership between Iran and Russia marks an increased level of cooperation.

Already Russia and Iran are both active in Syria, threatening Israel’s security. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the two countries have increased cooperation. This is also corresponding to heightened tension between Russia and Israel.

The VOA reported the following: Speaking at the Moscow-controlled Baikonur cosmodrome in the Kazakh steppe, Russian space chief Yury Borisov hailed “an important milestone in Russian-Iranian bilateral cooperation, opening the way to the implementation of new and even larger projects.”

Despite Iran’s partnership with Russia, the US under Biden still engages in negotiations with the Islamic regime over its nuclear program. This sort of disjointed approach to world events creates more and more chaos and promotes conflict. Unfortunately the Biden administration is not about to change.

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