Progressives Now Say Criminals Should be Freed and Given…Woke Therapy?

by Phil Schneider

Freedom of Speech may be the #1 issue that progressives are attacking today. But there is another issue which one could argue is even more acute – dealing with crime.

Until recently, there had been a consensus among more than 90% of the world that crime required punishment. If there was no disincentive to committing a crime, the criminals would run rampant. Well, that is as true today as it is ten or twenty years ago. But in today’s woke culture, the norm has been to try to limit punishment as much as possible. This is already being implemented in several locations and it is proving to be a disaster.

Seattle and Minneapolis are two cities that have voted to defund the police. That means that the city councils actually voted to not punish crime. They voted to have social workers be the crime busters of their cities. This is not just patently absurd. Any criminal will tell you that this just won’t work.

Yes, many criminals need social workers. But they need the social workers before they commit the crime, and after they commit the crimes – behind bars. But if crime is allowed to become the norm so as to not punish criminals, and policemen are not defended by the elected mayors and city officials, the criminals will take over the streets.

The core problem behind crime is the breakdown of the modern family. It is not about the feelings of criminals not being addressed.

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